What bees and watermelons have in common

Nothing. It was fake news.

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A few weeks ago, social media users claimed that the US National Park Service was feeding watermelon to bee colonies.

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It seemed suspicious to me from the beginning.

Watermelon does not seem to have much nutritional value.

In addition, wild animals would become interested in the fruit quickly enough so that bees would not be able to benefit from it at all.

As I do not have much knowledge of bees, I have looked for experts in this matter.

I was not only interested in answering the question of whether this is happening.

I wanted to know whether the effect shown in the photo is at all possible.

National Parks Service doesn’t feed watermelons to bee colonies

My questions were answered by a person from the Polish Beekeeping Association (Polski Związek Pszczelarski).

As they say, no public service does such things in Poland.

Although the National Parks Service is US service, NPS confirmed to Reuters that this claim is untrue.

More water, less melon

However, as the expert from PBA says, bees need water for their life and work, and watermelons contain a lot of water.

If there is no other water source nearby, the bees will sit on the watermelon to get it from the fruit.

But with much smaller numbers.

Feed bees with water & sugar

During the period of gaps in nectar flow, they can be fed with sugar dissolved in water, honey with water or products specially designed for them(syrups, fondant or bee candy).

It is a cliché to say that the current social media is dominated by such fake news.

So, yeah, let’s just help the bees.

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